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Ihram Clothing tips for female pilgrims

 Millions of female pilgrims travel every year for the holy rituals of hajj and umrah pilgrimage. Traveling through Ramadan umrah packages 2023, they arrive in Makkah and observe the pilgrimage. Among the many requisites of Hajj and Umrah, pilgrim (whether male or female) has to assume the state of Ihram as a priority. Without Ihram no one can observe the holy pilgrimage; it’s the first and most essential ritual of either of the pilgrimage. 

Though Ihram's rules are similar for both men and women, some differences also lie. So here’s a brief description of Ihram clothing tips for female pilgrims. 

What type of clothes can be worn as Ihram?

  • Contrary to men, women can wear stitched clothes for their Ihram needs. In addition, there's also not the necessity of a specific dress code for female pilgrims; they can wear anything they desire provided that it remains modest and simple i.e. as per Islamic teachings. 
  • Furthermore, there’s not a restriction of color when it comes to women’s Ihram clothes – any color can be worn. Yet in order to blend with other fellow pilgrims, many women prefer wearing either white or black.
  • In order to avoid any confusion in the rules of Ihram clothes, many female pilgrims opt for wearing an ‘Abaya’ out of caution.  

Face and Hand coverings are prohibited.

In the state of Ihram, it’s not permissible for female pilgrims to cover their faces (wearing a veil) and cover their hands (wearing gloves). The rule remains evident from the Hadith of our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW). 

Therefore, female pilgrims must avoid wearing any sort of niqab, gloves or any other piece of clothing that covers their face or hands during the holy rituals. 

The fabric of Ihram clothes.

  • The city of Makah has a hot, desert climate. Choosing a cotton-blended or mixed fabric for your Ihram clothing may seem the best option because it would help avoid skin rashes and sunburns. Yet, at the same time, the fabric is quite airy as well. 
  • It’s advisable to wear light colors because they help in resisting the effects of heat. 
  • Though wearing a thin fabric is preferable considering the weather conditions, one must ensure that such a fabric shouldn’t reveal any part of the body under bright sunlight. That’s why undergarments worn should also be of the same color as your Ihram clothes.

Covering your head is necessary.

For female pilgrims, their heads must remain covered at all times during the holy rituals. It’s advised wearing a Hijab with an under-scarf cap as it is quite easy to wear and manage. Especially if you don’t know much about wearing a Hijab, you should learn and practice the basics of wearing it before your departure for hajj or umrah.

Wearing Jewelry; permissible or not?

Women are allowed to wear ornaments and jewelry even in the state of Ihram. It has been narrated that Umm-al-Mu'minin Hazrat Ayesha (RA) didn’t use to consider anything wrong with a Muhrimah (female pilgrim) wearing jewelry in Ihram.

These are some of the fundamental ihram clothing for women.

What are the different types of Hajj?

 The obligatory pilgrimage of Islam i.e., Hajj remains essential to be performed by Muslims as the fifth pillar of the Islamic faith. Millions of Muslims Book and travel every year with their  Islamic Travel Offers Cheap Hajj and Umrah Packages 2023 for the holy rituals in the month of Dhu-al-Hijjah.

Hajj remains obligatory only once in a lifetime and for those Muslims who;

  • Possess the financial means to sponsor their journey.  i.e., paying for all of their accommodation, travel, eating, visa, and other international travel expenses and at the same time providing enough provisions for their family back home (if they aren’t accompanying along).
  • Remain mentally sane.
  • Have the physical ability for it because hajj rituals require a lot of walking and other physical activities to be performed by the pilgrims individually.

If all of these conditions fulfill, hajj is an obligation for such a person and it’s advised that he/she performs it as soon as possible and not delay its performance.

Types of Hajj.

For pilgrims arriving in the holy land, there are usually three types of Hajj observed. 

  1. Hajj-ul-Ifrad.
  2. Hajj-ul-Qiran.
  3. Hajj-ul-Tamattu.


The simplest form of Hajj pilgrimage is Hajj-ul-Ifrad. A pilgrim who is arriving in the region for Hajj-ul-Ifrad assumes Ihram with the only intention of performing Hajj, before passing through the Meeqat boundary i.e., place specified for assuming ihram. 

In Hajj-ul-Ifrad, the pilgrim does not combine Hajj with Umrah rituals, making sure not to perform umrah in the months of Hajj. The pilgrim performing Hajj-ul-Ifrad is called a ‘Mufrid’.


For Hajj-ul-Qiran, a pilgrim combines the rituals of Hajj and Umrah, both. In simple words, a pilgrim arriving for Hajj-ul-Qiran assumes Ihram with the intention to accomplish the performance of both the pilgrimages i.e., Hajj and Umrah. The pilgrims performing Hajj-ul-Qiran is called a ‘Qarin’. Qarin wears Ihram firstly for Umrah and then reassumes it for Hajj as well. Thus, making his intentions for Hajj just before the performance of Tawaf of Hajj. 

The obligations imposed on a pilgrim performing Hajj-ul-Qiran are exactly the same as the ones imposed on the pilgrim performing Hajj-ul-Ifrad, except for the fact that the former must slaughter an animal whereas the latter is not obligated to do so.


In the performance of Hajj-ul-Tamattu, a pilgrim assumes Ihram only for the Umrah rituals during the months of Hajj pilgrimage. Upon arrival in Makkah, the pilgrim undertaking Hajj-ul-Tamattu, performs Tawaf and Sayee for Umrah and then also performs Qasr.

Afterward, on the 8th of Dhu-al-Hijjah, the pilgrim then puts on his Ihram for Hajj and observes the rights and duties of the Hajj pilgrimage. A pilgrim performing Hajj-ul-Tamattu is called a ‘Mutamatti’.

Though all of these three forms of Hajj are exceptionally rewarding and significant, but the most recommended and Sunnah form is Hajj-ul-Tamattu. Hazarat Muhammad (SAWW) always encouraged his followers to perform Hajj-ul-Tamattu preferably. In fact, even if a pilgrim makes Niyyah to perform Hajj-ul-Qiran or Hajj-ul-Ifrad at first, it is permissible for him/her to change the Niyyah to perform Hajj-ul-Tamattu.

Hajj travel with Children

 Performing the Hajj pilgrimage is a great blessing of Allah Almighty for a believer; he grants it to whoever and whenever he wills. Some people spend their whole life wishing to be able to perform hajj but cannot while some people get the opportunity of Hajj at a very young age as well (as per Allah’s will). Yet, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims arrive in the holy city of Makkah annually through their Umrah packages all-inclusive for the holy rituals.

So, if you are also opting for the holy rituals and accompanying children as well, here are a few tips to consider. 

Hire Child-Friendly Travel Packages.

When hunting for such hajj travel packages that not only best suit your needs but also are within your budget; considering the child-friendliness of the package remains an essential thing. 

For instance, when traveling with children private accommodation is the most essential thing to have. Not only does it ensure family privacy but also peace of mind. 

In addition, the facilities of child-take-care in case you are performing the hajj rituals is also a plus point. Thus, communicate your travel needs with your hajj travel organizers to specifically design services that cater to babysitting.

What should you bring?

  • Since the city of Makkah has a hot climate, the desert sun can be harsh on the skin and cause sunburns. Therefore, bringing an ample supply of sunscreen is advised for protection.
  • Carry essential precautionary medicines as well for common illnesses like diarrhea, flu, fever, cough, etc. 
  • For a shade under sunlight, bring an umbrella for each member of the family. 
  • Dehydration remains among the common problems that pilgrims face when performing the holy rituals in summer. Therefore, to counter this problem, you’ll also need to travel with plenty of water bottles and keep yourself efficiently hydrated throughout your journey. 
  • Bringing snacks is advised but only carry such items that can withstand hot weather conditions. For instance, granola bars, dried fruits, biscuits, candies, and individually wrapped hummus tortillas, etc. 
  • Carrying a travel pillow remains a must for when your child wants to sleep.

Should you bring a baby stroller or not?

If you are traveling with infants for the hajj journey, bringing a baby stroller is advised because you may need it many times during your stay in the kingdom. 

For instance, it’s useful to have a baby stroller with you when traveling/shopping in the city; for the daily commute i.e., traveling from your hotel to mosque, and vice versa. 

Having a stroller that also possesses reclining features is a better option because such a flat position is great for sleeping as well. Yet one must know that carrying a baby stroller is not allowed in the Grand Mosque of Makkah during Hajj rituals.

These are some of the very fundamental things to consider for hajj travel with children. 

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Samsung sound bar from El Corte Inglés: 200W and Wireless Dolby Atmos to enjoy the movies and series with best quality

If you want to take a step towards the best sound quality, be very careful with this offer from El Corte Inglés that ends tomorrow, because this Samsung HW-S61B soundbar is at a historically low price for 289.15 euros , a great feat taking into account that it has been on the market for a very short time. If you want to watch more Movie please Visit this Website PlayTubes

This model is usually around 400 euros depending on the store. In El Corte Inglés it has a base price of 339.15 euros, but we can receive a refund of 50 euros if we register it on the Samsung page , leaving it with a very tempting price of 289.15 euros.

Samsung has implemented the most advanced technology in terms of sound quality in the 2022 sound bar models, and this one in particular has Wireless Dolby Atmos , something that manages to offer a completely immersive experience. In addition, if we have a Smart TV of the same brand at home, we can make use of second-generation Q-Symphony , which allows us to reproduce the sound through both devices, thus improving the quality that we can perceive.

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The fact that it does not have a subwoofer and has an ultra-thin design does not mean that we have very basic or reduced features, since distributed in its seven speakers it offers a power of 200W , not bad for a very thin device. It also has 5.0 channels to have a more immersive experience and let's discover every detail when playing any type of multimedia content.

In terms of connections, beyond Q-Symphony technology, it offers full compatibility with Bluetooth , Wi-Fi and HDMI , so we find a good variety of options when connecting any device, such as our Smartphone. or additional speakers, thus improving the experience we can have with the sound bar.

What happened to Pilar Soto: her fight against drugs, a trip around the world and her divine revelation. Her transformation after the Grand Prix

Pilar Soto , 42 years old, achieved her television success with her participation in one of the most famous television programs in the history of Spain, the Grand Prix . During the 1999 and 2000 seasons, she shared the screen with the presenter Ramón García , who became an icon thanks to this long-running contest that remained on the air for eleven seasons. If you want to watch more Movie pLease Visit this Website PlayTubes

Although Soto became known after her time at the Grand Prix, years before she had been part of other television programs, this time as a pianist, in Hablando se understand la Basca, in 1994, with Jesús Vázquez at the helm. Two years later she moved to London to work  as a model at the Crawfords agency  .

After her tour of the English capital, Soto returned to Spain to be part of one of the most famous television series in pop culture in our country, Al Leaving Class , where she played Pamela . A year later she would leave fiction to move to the Grand Prix with Ramón García. The program was her great professional springboard and from there she would jump to present with Víctor Sandoval the heart program Mamma Mía.

You can watch on UWatchFree.

But, although this stage might seem like a fantasy for Soto, the presenter lived with serious problems of anorexia and bulimia, to which her addiction to medication, alcohol and drugs was added : "I suffered several overdoses, but I continued working, I lost a lot of weight," explains Soto in an interview with Deluxe. She reveals these facts in 2014, almost 14 years after it happened to her during her golden stage on television.

These events in Soto's life changed his way of living life completely, especially when in the midst of a crisis he turned to God :  "I knew I was dying. At that moment, I called out to Christ, and with the eyes of my soul I saw his face. He was still on the cross, he was crying. And I thought:  My God, what have I done? Forgive me Lord , "reveals Soto.

From that moment, the Madrilenian claims to have overcome all kinds of addiction and her absolute dedication to Catholicism. She entered the Las Clarisas convent in Madridejos , Toledo, where she worked on her eating behavior disorders. Later, the woman from Madrid decided to start a trip around the world, especially to places that had a very special relationship with Catholicism, such as:  Los Angeles, San Junípero Serra, (Mexico), Madrid's Valle de los Caídos,  Medjugore ( France), Fátima (Portugal), Lourdes (France) and the monastery of Guadalupe (Cáceres). Also, in 2014, when she witnessed the beatification of John Paul II live. In that year, Soto decided to make his profession of  perpetual vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. as a Secular Franciscan of the  Third Order.

The destination that culminated this trip was the Holy Land , which, according to  El Mundo , marked him forever: "It has been an exciting, spectacular journey.  I remember that I burst into tears in a lake in Galilee , I was very moved. I was also baptized again in the Jordan... We couldn't go to the Wailing Wall because it was raining.... But we could go to the Holy Sepulchre. Listening to mass in Gethsemane was spectacular. And going to Bethlehem, amazing...", Soto said.

This divine revelation marked a before and after in the career of the Grand Prix stewardess, so much so that she wanted to capture her journey and experience in the book Conversión . Her work for Catholicism has not been inconvenient for Soto to combine her profession in television programs such as  Popular TV and Intereconomies. In addition, she has made incursions in the COPE network and has written in the Alpha and Omega section, the Catholic weekly of ABC.

What to see on Disney +: the craziest and most controversial Marvel movie of recent years arrives on the platform


It is one of the most successful movie premieres so far this year, with more than 900 million dollars raised worldwide , and it brought the return of one of the best superhero movie directors. And yet, it has brought some controversy among Marvel fans who have not received it in the same way. But that doesn't mean that  Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness stops being the craziest and funniest movie that  Kevin Feige 's studio has released in several years. And now you can see it on Disney+ . If you want to watch more Movie pLease Visit this Website PlayTubes

To be fair, not everyone was prepared for a proposal that, in addition to playing with the concept of the multiverse within Marvel, was going to bet on horror elements. But this is a light-hearted, very playful terror, a Sam Raimi house brand , which here manages to evoke more films like  Deadpool or  Army of Darkness than his Spider-Man.

Always, of course, within the limits imposed by Marvel Studios so that its cinematic universe maintains a certain stylistic and plot coherence. Although Raimi has taken advantage of the free spaces that have been left for him to make a film full of magic, visual tricks and turning it into a bit of a roller coaster, making it the most frenetic of the films and series that have been released in the last two years .

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Trying with a freer tone than usual, not all fans were prepared to digest the entire film. Nor are some of the plot decisions made by screenwriter Michael Waldron , which have been the subject of discussion, especially those related to the character of Elizabeth Olsen 's Scarlet Witch , who takes a practically leading role alongside Benedict Cumberbatch .

Without going into details of the narrative arc that follows, the character follows an evolution already marked in the Scarlet Witch and Vision series, adding complexity and nuances that, while commentable, make one of the most powerful characters in the Universe more interesting . The exploration of the traumas and consequences of handling immense power are issues that connect with other Raimi films, not only in the realm of superpowers.

All this makes Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness a somewhat darker fantasy than the first Doctor Strange (Doctor Strange) , which did follow the Marvel formula more strictly. Raimi is able to give it more character while still being totally entertaining , with some sequences that overflow imagination and take advantage of the lack of limits provided by the magical powers of these heroes.

Some sequences, like an engaging musical duel or a wacky but highly entertaining third act, eschew the mechanical tendencies that some Phase 4 Marvel Universe movies and shows have had. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is one of the most surprising and festive films that the Disney company has released in quite some time , and that is why you have to take advantage of its arrival on streaming.

You can watch Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness on Disney+.